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Classification of LED stage lamps
- Nov 12, 2018 -

According to the use of classification, LED stage lamps in the stage lamps are common, 1, stage performance, ①led PA lamp, shape and long downlight similar, small size, according to the specifications of PA 64, PA 56, PA 46, PA 38, PA 36 and so on. ②led pattern effect lamp, LED lamp and pattern color technology application, that is, often said Lantern, Common led Moon lantern, led Magic Lamp, led three-claw fish. ③led shaking head lamp, it does not have the traditional shaking lamp pattern color effect, is the scanning effect is more abundant led PA lamp. ④led strobe, generally using small power lamp beads. ⑤led display, stage performance, bar most common, is also widely used in outdoor public places, advertising and so on. 2, stage lighting, ①led lights, wall washing lights, soft lights, generally using high-power LED beads, round, bar, square shape. ②led Spectator lamp, do stage performance lighting, common has four eyes and eight eye lamp. 3, stage decoration and effect, ①led lamp strips, lamp straps, lights, waterfall lights, tree lights, guardrail tubes, generally used in stage performances to do decorative, more is used as urban lighting projects. ②led floor tiles, commonly found in bars, ballroom, big parties. The ③led stage curtain, also known as the Starry Curtain, led beads and the latest application of the stage curtain. ④led imitation, common imitation of fruit, animals, and other graphics.