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Stage lighting installation safety electricity knowledge
- Jan 18, 2019 -

1. If you use the cable for this event (10 kW) at one time, you can use three-phase five-wire 6-square cable (three fires and one zero one)

2. There must be a small power distribution cabinet for allocating various types of electricity facilities.

3. Pay attention to the three-phase balance when distributing electricity (preferably with a clamp meter)

4. Allocate lines for different lamps (for example: shaking head, chasing one phase of electricity; controllable lamps all the way, for example, par light, return light another phase; console part one phase), but three-phase distribution Certainly, absolutely must be roughly balanced

5. Since it is a professional, it is not suitable to use the civilian socket to connect the lamps. It is recommended to choose 10A~40A bakelite plugs. (Do not buy those junk goods for engineering use. It is your own use not to deal with customers, it is best to buy a cable lock.) Bakelite plug), for the use of different power consumption lamps, like you said LED Par light can be used 1 point 2 or even 1 minute 3 branch line connection

6. If it is outdoors, it is generally used to walk the corner. It is recommended to lay the cable bridge to ensure safety in the pedestrian passage or where the vehicle is frequently used. If you are unwilling or unconditional, buy a cable with lined armor to avoid the car. Protects when pressed

7. There must be obvious warning signs such as "electric hazard" and "high voltage danger" (you know the danger, many children or other people don't know), not afraid of 10,000. The cost is a good thing