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The principle of wall washing lamp
- Nov 12, 2018 -

LED wall washing lamp because of the larger volume, heat dissipation is better, so in the design also greatly reduced the difficulty, but in the actual application, will also appear constant current drive is not too good, there are many damage, so how to let the wall wash lamp can run better, the focus on control and drive, control and drive aspects, Take a look at the LED constant current. Related to LED high-power products, will be mentioned to the constant current drive, then what is called LED constant current drive? Regardless of the size of the load. The change of the LED current remains constant on the circuit called LED constant current drive. If the wall wash is used in 1W LEDs, usually 350MA LED constant current drive, the purpose of the LED constant current drive is to improve the life of the LED and light decay.

The choice of constant current source is based on its efficiency and stability, as far as possible to choose the high efficiency of the constant current source, which can reduce the loss of energy and temperature.