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2018 It Turned Out That We Met At These Music Festivals!
- Jan 18, 2019 -

2018 is a year of blossoming music festivals. Music festivals, rock, folk, pop, hip-hop, and other styles are staged around the country. If you want to give a label to the music festival you have participated in, what words will you flash in your mind? The most Chinese-made, the most international, the most "color"?


Looking back at the dozens of large and small music festivals that WORLD SHOW has traveled in the past year, we found that each festival has its own unique charm. Here, we have selected 11 unique music festivals that have passed this year for you to relish. We also welcome everyone to "recognize relatives" in the message area at the end of the text to see which music festival you met at the scene. Or pass by.


The most "made in China" world-class electronic syllable: Sanya ISY

Reasons: Following the Tomorrowland, EDC, and Ultra syllables, China was the first to create a world-class cultural music card.


Most "Fei Fei" Music Festival: EDC China Shanghai

Reasons: Compared to other large music festivals, EDC is unique in its unique and rich life experience. In addition to the DJ artists who performed on stage, there are also various jumping facilities and art installations, such as a jumping machine and a Ferris wheel. Each one is a screaming "harvester."


The most international fan festival: Grammy Festival Beijing Station

Reasons: The Grammy Festival Beijing Station has assembled a large number of Grammy Award winners, such as Macy Gray, James Bay, and Pharrel Williams. , Daya, Phoenix, Phoenix, Carly Rae Jepsen, OneRepublic, etc., familiar international singles plus super-explosive live performances, all international lineups The music festival has made the fans still unfinished.


Most "Color" Music Festival: Life in Color

Reason: A superb "color" music festival with the theme of "color", including circus, graffiti, robots, and pigments. This year, Life in Color not only continues the unique color elements since its inception but also has many color cannons and pressure water guns that can spray different colors. The pigment itself has a fluorescent effect, and it has a purple effect lamp to create a unique LIC. Color kingdom.


The most "net red" electronic syllable: the first global KOL electronic carnival

Reason: The music festival is named after KOL, and it is known that it is inseparable from online pop culture and anchor culture. The scene also added a special red carpet area to the stage. The net red anchor from the red carpet to the stage detonated the entire field of hormones.

KOL's first day of climax appeared in the Hong Kong artist Chen Leji and the killer band, and the last "Midnight Serenade" triggered the audience to shock the chorus. The climax of the next day was brought up by the "Trap" of Wang Beiqi, the chief volume of the guest, who was born in the shaking of the network. This also proves the appeal of KOL in the current Internet age.