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2018 Sanya ISY Music Festival, Full Analysis Of The Dance
- Dec 21, 2018 -





The end of 2018 is getting closer

The long-awaited ISY New Year's Eve is coming soon

Do you love electronic music and should you be with your friends?

Come to a passionate trip to Sanya

Sanya ISY Music Festival

In 2018, Sanya ISY is the highlight of Asia's electric music. It is worth seeing from the lineup and production. As early as March 2018, everyone knows that in Sanya, Hainan, the shock of Chinese and foreign ISY landing success, then ISY Sanya International How hot is the syllable? If you don't know much about it, let me first say a few numbers to shake your nerves! The first ISY boosted consumption by nearly 500 million yuan. The two-day performance of the main venue of Haitang Bay attracted more than 60,000 spectators. The total number of people participating in the festival was about 200,000!

The second ISY will be opened two days on December 30-31. This time, no matter whether it is a guest lineup or moving head light and dance, people can't hold it!

"big spider" that attracts attention in Asia

This ISY has 4 dazzling stages of different styles. Although the other three stage designs are not yet available, the following stage can definitely capture your critical eye:


You are not mistaken! This big spider from the Arcadia Spectacular team in the UK is about to land in China for the first time!


Arcadia Big Spider is the world's first biofuel regeneration system stage. This three-dimensional stage with heavy metal sense and scientific sense breaks through the previous graphic design stage and says it is a work of art. It seems to be more like a high-tech machine. Unbeatable fire-breathing device and unique lightning effects, 360-degree immersive experience for 45,000 people, will give the Raver an unbeatable experience! It has a strong industrial wind and surreal sense of technology, with laser, fire, lightning, fireworks and stage shows, to enhance the live experience to the peak of art.


This big spider that seems to be in the sci-fi movie special effects is too horrible! I will know at the ISY Sanya International Music Festival that it is too different from other music festivals. If you go to other music festivals, you can only go to ISY for a visual enjoyment.

Novel dance beauty sound design

It’s not so simple to know that the beauty of the stage is “the stage design is good or not.” The lighting equipment, LED screen, sound, flame equipment, air column equipment, fireworks equipment, etc. on the stage should be worthy of attention. portion. The theme of this ISY official announcement stage is “Flower and Love”, and the stage design should also be valued by followers of the music festival in the world. Presumably a beautiful stage will also leave a better and unforgettable memory for Ravers.


Of course, ISY not only has to shock your visual senses, but the sound of the music scene is also the best to give you the best. The first ISY acclaimed sound system made everyone crazy with powerful energy output. Its unique sound style adds a lot to the hot scene of ISY. The second stage of the main stage will continue this turbulent sound wave bombardment.


What is the magic of this popular sound system? It usually causes wrinkles and causes distortion of sound and loss of energy. Therefore, the restored sound is extremely natural, the intermediate frequency is clear and powerful, and the impulse response is smoother and more stable. The speaker cone we saw used a paper cone or carbon fiber material, and the ISY syllable sound series used bulletproof material.


Transient reaction of ordinary cone


Transient response of ISY syllable cone

Music experience plays the new year melody

Cool stage with carnival feast


In terms of visual effects, this main stage is equipped with over 1000 square meters of large LED screen, movin head light full-time and all-round interaction with DJ performance, while using 4K image management system to restore visual effects with high precision; secondly, in auditory effect On the top, there are more than 200 well-known audio speakers, supervised by U2, Ariana Grande, Madonna, J-Lo and other audio directors. Finally, the stage show design team brought by the Netherlands has set more than 2,000 units on the stage. Based on the digital stage lighting, 24 sets of full-color lasers and the newly introduced flame-spraying system, it is the shocking beauty effect exclusively for ISY. The multi-hardware facilities and professional team have laid the foundation for the ISY New Year's carnival feast, which will push Ravers's excitement into the infinite wave.

ISY has now released an upgraded stage design video that gives us a strong visual impact.

ISY has been adhering to the principle of giving the audience an excellent experience for many years. The strong participation of 72 groups of well-known artists and international labels and the disclosure of the design of this main stage have become the embodiment of ISY's intentions. ISY will use music to convey "love", sublimate people's understanding of "love", lead Ravers to release themselves, and welcome the new 2019.