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Analyze The Secret Of The Stage - 2018 Andy Lau [My Love] Hong Kong Concert
- Jan 10, 2019 -


Andy Lau's "My Love Andy Lau" will officially start on December 15th. On December 25th, the 10th performance will be held at the Hong Kong Red Pavilion. After 8 years, the concert will be held by the audience. The stage effect of the concert, to the production team of the concert, all have a lot to come, and there are many Hua Tsai's minds hidden in every corner.

Lighting design

In order to create a satisfactory concert, the lighting design of the concert venue must be carefully conceived and pondered. This lighting effect was carefully crafted by his team led by Japan's leading lighting designer Hayashi Mitsumasa. Lin Guangzheng served as lighting director for many international superstars, such as Song Ringu. The lighting responsible for the Hua Tsai concert has added a strong color to the stage.

Stage mechanical design

The entire stage consists of more than 60 lifting platforms and two Catwalks, all controlled by a computer. The stage can be adjusted to different heights according to different scenes. With the full 4K video content and lighting effects, different styles and scenes can be created to drive the audience into Mine. The stage of the Love concert is uniquely designed. The stage design is led by the famous British construction company Stufish Entertainment Architects, which specializes in making stage for superstars, including Beyonce & Jay Z, Rolling Stones, U2, One Direction and more. In the stage machinery segment, more than half of the components were purchased from SERAPID, France. SERAPID is a famous lift machinery manufacturer and has provided the lifting platform for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

When it comes to staging design, I have to mention the shape of the Chinese doll, which is designed by the American design company, which is tailor-made according to the shape of Hua Tsai. The stage props and the statue of My Love are from the hands of famous teachers, by the famous contemporary sculptor Huang. Yulong was carefully designed and cast.


Supergiant canopy

The special feature of this Hua Tsai concert was the first dismantling of the Red TV and the departure of the infield so that the audience could also enjoy the performance in all directions. The formation of a super-large canopy with a circumference of 54 meters covers more than half of the ceiling of the Red Pavilion. The design of the giant canopy is led by the New Zealand visual effects director to design a full 4K video effect, using a total of 20 laser projectors, LED screens and sky screen projection, controlled by 4 D3, bringing a new audience Visual enjoyment.


In order to let the audience on the second floor stand up and enjoy the stage, the picture is also shocking. The flying man hangs the special effects. The production team made a special trip from Japan to ask the special effects hanging company to take charge of the stage effect of the flying man. About 15 meters, the total length of the track is more than 100 meters.