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Electrical Characteristics Of Shaking Head Lamps
- Nov 12, 2018 -

The vast majority of professional 1200W shaking computer lamps worldwide use rare gas discharge bubble light source. The starting and stabilizing work of the gas discharge bubble depends on the design of the circuit type, the selection of electrical components such as power supply and ballast.

After the rare gas discharge bubble starts, generally does not need the stable time, in order to ensure the stabilization, in the whole AC cycle, the difference between the maintenance voltage of the circuit and the instantaneous voltage of the bulb should be sufficiently large. The start-up, stability, extinguishing and re-starting of the light source should be designed according to the characteristics of the light source requirements of the circuit. The starting voltage of rare gas discharge bubbles is very high, which requires the use of transformers, starter devices, semi-resonant circuits and other means to improve the instantaneous starting voltage. The stability of the light source after starting, depends on the matching of ballast and circuit parameters. The basic function of the ballast is to prevent the current from getting out of control and to make the light source work under its normal electrical properties. Production enterprises usually use two kinds of ballast, one is inductance rectifier, one is electronic rectifier. The advantage of inductance rectifier is that the stability is good, the disadvantage is heavy, the strength of the lamp body, handling, loading and unloading have higher requirements; The electronic rectifier is essentially a power conversion circuit that changes the frequency, waveform, and amplitude of the input power supply current. Its advantages are light weight, easy to load and unload, handling, the disadvantage is high structural design requirements, high maintenance costs.