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Instructions For The Use Of The PA Lamp
- Nov 12, 2018 -

1.This lamp can be installed in any position to ensure that the light has a certain distance from the person, to ensure that the light is locked, in use should be adequate safety precautions.

2. Make sure t, please do not there is a stable voltage and frequency as a stable power supply, and properly connect the luminaire, and then turn it on. When maintaining, make sure that the power supply has been disconnected, if you want to open or maintain a clean light source, will maintain the maximum brightness output, if you often clean up the dust of the luminaire, can extend the life of the luminaire, please use professional glass cleaning liquid cleaning, do not use alcohol or chemical liquid for cleaning,

It is possible to suck internal dust with a vacuum cleaner once a year. 

Warning: Be careful when you install or use it, please do not close to water or other liquids. Do not install in high temperature environments. The distance between light and other objects should be at least 0.5 meters. Please do not look directly at the beam, or it will hurt your eyes. 

To open and repair, first confirm that the power supply has been cut off, if the light-emitting diode lamp is damaged, must be repaired by a professional technician.