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Mechanical System Of Shaking Head Lamp
- Nov 12, 2018 -

The range of mechanical systems is wide, including material, structure, mechanical properties, housing requirements, heat dissipation requirements and so on. The main factors to be considered in the selection of luminaire materials are: to meet the functional requirements of the lamp, to manufacture the degree of ease and economy. International and domestic 1200W shaking head lamp materials are mainly steel, plastic, aluminum alloy. Under the premise of considering the overall function of the lamp, the structure model of the lamp is designed, divided into different parts, using different materials.

such as aceda-spot1200iii1200w shaking head lamp, lamp body shell using plastic parts, lamp body support frame, base, side plate, end plate using aluminum alloy castings, stamping parts, car parts. The structure of the lamp determines its mechanical properties, heat dissipation, strength, noise, weight and other elements.

International and domestic 1200W shaking head lamps are supported by both arms, the lamp body rotates horizontally up to 540 °, the vertical rotation up to 255 °, the base part must do enhanced treatment, to meet the hanging inversion requirements of the shaking head lamp. The mechanical properties of the lamp body are mainly embodied in the mechanical strength of the lamp body components, so that the lamp body in the continuous and effective working time, non-deformation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, seismic, anti-pressure; the shell of the lamp must have strict waterproof, dustproof, anti-static, moisture-proof requirements.

According to the degree of dustproof, waterproof different division of different housing protection level requirements: such as indoor use of computer lamps protection requirements are usually IP20, outdoor computer lamps are usually protected by the level of protection requirements of IP44. 1200W high-power computer lamp mechanical structure, heat dissipation requirements are essential, heat dissipation system if defective, usually resulting in electrical parameters drift, color slices, film rupture, the appearance of patches, resulting in crashes, missed steps, uncontrolled and other serious consequences.