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Optical System Of Shaking Head Lamp
- Nov 12, 2018 -

Optical system design mainly considers the luminous flux utilization rate of light source. The specific performance indexes include the intensity, uniformity, saturation and spot size of light. There are two factors that affect the above indicators, one is the light source, the other is the optical system structure, the material selection. Domestic and foreign manufacturers, users are basically recommended Osram or philips1200w short arc double-end metal gas discharge lamp. Its characteristics are compact, high brightness, Gao Shewen, good color rendering and light source in the process of dimming, can maintain a relatively stable color temperature. The disadvantage is that the stratification of the filler in the lamp tube, that is, the filler in the ARC imaging of the ribbon or condensation in the arc tube, the formation of a shadow effect, the optical structure design needs to be controlled in the minimum range. In the optical structure, in order to obtain a uniform mixed beam, a parabolic reflector can be used to collect divergent or narrow beams, and a reflector with scale processing or surface texture should be selected. The reflector system made of specular reflective material is better than the refraction system. When a few beams need to be obtained from a light source, a refraction system with a prism or lens combination can be used.

At present, the optical design of 1200W shaking head computer lamp at home and abroad is composed of aspheric surface (that is, parabolic) quartz lens by means of lens combination. The most important characteristic of parabolic lens is to place a point light source on the focus, which will get a parallel beam. In the design of optical path, the correlation between light intensity distribution curve, shape and light source size, caliber size size of reflective lens and shape of light source should also be taken into account.