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Program Control Of Shaking Head Lamp
- Nov 12, 2018 -

International and domestic computer lamps generally use DMX data format writing Program files. The principle of DMX512: The speed of the DMX data stream is 250K, that is, each bit is a standard 4 microseconds. DMX's data format is divided into the following sections: 1) IDLE (idle) or nodmxsituation (case): When there is no DMX packet output, it will be a high level signal; 2) the start of the BREAK:DMX packet is a forecast of a 88 microsecond low level output {header} (3) Markafterbreak (MAB): MAB is break, is a 8 microsecond high level or 2 pulses; 4) Startcode (SC) Start code: SC is the channel data at the beginning of the data flow, it has the same format as the channel data, Generally 11 pulses or 44 microseconds; 5) Marktimebetweenframes (MTBF): MTBF can be 0-1 seconds, less than 1 seconds, with MTBF at the starting bit of each channel, for high level

6) Channeldata (CD): Channel data frame after SC logical format is 1-512 or less than 512;7) Marktimebetweenpackets (MTBP): Send a high level after the valid data is sent. Computer lamp effect is produced, is through different modeling scenes, different color changes, different perspectives, horizontal, vertical light angle changes and speed, strobe speed, aperture size changes, focal length changes and other comprehensive performance. The work of all these attribute indexes is realized by the drive of the stepper motor, and the electrical operating parameters of the stepper motor are defined and programmed, and the control of the computer lamp is completed.