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RIUKOE Takes You To The Christmas And New Year Light Show --Canada
- Dec 25, 2018 -

As Christmas approaches, the Christmas atmosphere in all countries has become more and more intense. How do you think about Christmas this year?


However, if your preference is for those big shopping malls at this time, then it is really too late for the holidays! It is said that Christmas in Canada is the most wonderful time of the year, and the lighting is embellished with the most romantic and warm-hearted look, full of fresh and happy aftertaste. Let’s go and see it with RIUKOE~


1.Christmas market


Toronto Christmas Market ranks in the top ten in festivals around the world. The address of the market was chosen in the ancient brewery area. From the site selection, the Christmas market has already taken a big advantage. In this loving month, more than 40 Victorian-era industrial buildings, art galleries, theatres, and special-style coffee shops have been combined in the ancient brewery area, each of which combines lighting elements to make the city even warmer.



The top ten in the world, not only because of the historical status of the ancient brewery area, but also because of the variety of boutiques in this Christmas market, there are also Christmas carousels, Ferris wheel, etc. Very romantic entertainment facilities, imagine the snowy night, warm lights, you and your lover walk through the ancient brewery area, is this scene a romantic wonderland that you have always dreamed of?


2. Christmas parade

01. Nathan Phillips Square

Toronto's annual Christmas Parade is the largest Christmas parade in the world, attracting 500,000 viewers a year. Throughout the 12-month period, there is the Cavalcade of Lights, the annual grand festival of the Nathan Phillips Square in front of the Old City Council Building.

02. Ottawa Parliament Building

At the beginning of December, the capital Ottawa Parliament Building has been decorated with beautiful and charming lanterns. After the lanterns are decorated, the Prime Minister will open the switch. At the opening ceremony, there are free hot chocolate sweet drinks and delicious Beaver Tails desserts and Christmas carols. In the following month, more than 60 points along the Congress Building and Confederation Boulevard were decorated with large light shows.


03. Niagara Falls City

During the annual Winter Lantern Festival in the Falls City, more than 3 million colorful festival lights have set the world-famous natural landscape to be rare in the world. The Lantern Festival in the Falls City is not only the largest in the country, but also belongs to the world. During the festival, the waterfall also has various festivals such as fireworks shows, music festivals, shopping exhibitions and concerts.



3. Kingston Wonderland Forest

Going to Kingston, Ontario this winter, you will experience an unprecedented winter wonderland forest!


This year's Lumina Borealis event will be held from November 30th to January 5th.

Take a 1-km walk through the stunning light show and art installations. Cross the icebergs, walk through the sleeping woods, and warm up by the campfire!