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The Design Of These Awards Ceremony Is Worth To Have A Look!
- Dec 31, 2018 -

Near the end of the year, domestic and international celebrations and awards ceremonies are in full swing, and the following awards ceremony is worth seeing both in scale and design.

0152nd American Country Music Association Award

In the 52nd CMA Awards (American Country Music Association Awards) held on November 14th, lighting designers used 90% of moving lights and LED equipment to light the entire stage. The entire stage lighting is scattered around the screen, the screen on the stage is continuously extended, and the lights become the main line connecting these screens.


Partial design

0260th Grammy Awards

This year's Grammy was first held in New York since 2003, so it took advantage of the city's attractions in the production and design of the stage.

The Grammy designed a multi-story stage with two main circular platforms - one in the front center and the other floating in the middle of the audience area. There is a large number of vertical LED screens behind the main stage, and there is also a larger independent video wall, which can be lifted independently, so it can be constantly changed to form different stage backgrounds during the performance.


Large vertical metal trusses are mounted between the screens, dotted with circular lights. These designs echo the architectural style of New York City and the gorgeous lights on Broadway and Times Square.

Partial design

0370th Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards are the highest awards in the American television industry, and they are like the Oscars in the film industry and the Grammy Awards in the music industry.


The stage design of this Emmy Award is relatively simple. The most prominent element is a large seamless curved video wall. The large vertical projection video panels that make up the video wall can be rotated individually or in groups. It can be used as a door for the host and guests. "The overall look is relatively simple."

Partial design

042018 Fashion Awards

The 2018 Fashion Awards stage design at the Royal Albert Hall in London on December 10 was inspired by creative director Robin Derrek's new logo, similar to a brush stroke.

With the 3D brush as the design concept, a panoramic video screen is formed, which wraps the main stage down and tilts into the T-station. In addition, in collaboration with Swarovski, a 10-meter-wide crystal background was designed for the main stage, curved and across the stage.

In addition to the sculptural panoramic projection screen, there is three large lifting gauze to show the video content and projection elements, which can connect the upper-level guests with the lower level performances. All of these elements together create an extremely elegant and luxurious atmosphere for the awards ceremony.